The Five

If you've been getting my Instagram posts at @sinclairashmanprintmaker, youā€¦

New exhibition at The Hub!

I have a new show! Five Flexures and around 20 prints feature in a soloā€¦

Sam Scorer exhibition

A mixed show, featuring folded sculptures, metallic reliefs and mountedā€¦ā€¦

Competition win!

Above: Wish I Recently, I entered the 13th International Biennialā€¦


I need your views!   I am conducting a brief survey to get your views onā€¦

Metallics 2

Since my last post on Metallics, this area of my practice has developedā€¦

New gallery relationship

As you'll probably know, most artists want and are looking for appropriate waysā€¦

Printmakers Council show: ā€˜Colourā€™

The next chance to see a piece of my work will be in a new Printmakers Councilā€¦


Although I have a small (A4 wide) XCut XPress as a printing press at home, andā€¦

Disintegration pieces

Being in coronavirus lockdown mode with only a small print press for creativeā€¦

Influences: The Complete Collagraph

Alongside all of the interesting conversations on printmaking I had withā€¦

Crackle texture

Another technique for creating surface treatments on plates that I've beenā€¦

Crisp packet prints

I'm always looking out for different materials and methods for makingā€¦

Flexures: prints and folds

Following my previous post on this study subject (Flexures: three dimensionsā€¦

Carborundum Paint

I am always looking for materials that create interesting textures on theā€¦

Flexures: three dimensions from two

After my visit to Tate Modern last month and my resulting thoughts around how Iā€¦

Chine collƩ on burnt plates

I have been trying to find a way of perfecting a chine collĆ© technique forā€¦

Print Fellowship

Since my last post, there have been a lot of changes to my printmaking practiceā€¦

Pressing Matters magazine feature article

This is Pressing Matters magazine. It's a brilliant UK based butā€¦

Large Scale Monoprints

Back in June/July last year, just before my trip to the U.S., I had startedā€¦


I have recently seen some social media publicity around a Christmas groupā€¦

Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair Demo

Next month, I'll be back at the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair in London,ā€¦

USA Trip: Part One

It's been a few weeks since my trip to the U.S., but I've now had time toā€¦

New monoprints

Planning my U.S. trip has meant that I haven't had much time to print. In fact,ā€¦

Derby Print Open

I have been lucky enough to have been selected as a participating printmakerā€¦

Journeys: travelling show in London and Portsmouth

My print 'A Journey Ends In Orange' will be part of 'Journeys', the latestā€¦

Brigg exhibition at The Steel Rooms

Between March and April, I'll be showing a major exhibition of prints inā€¦ā€¦

One day workshop at The Steel Rooms

On 30 March 2019 I'll be running a printmaking workshop at The Steel Rooms inā€¦

USA trip and residency

It's on! In July and August I will be in the U.S. on a fact-finding/promo tripā€¦

Talk and demo at Grantham College

I was recently invited to deliver a talk on my printmaking practice and aā€¦

Press Night at the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair!

Last night, I attended the Press Evening at the Woolwich Contemporary Printā€¦

Ready for the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair!

Tomorrow, I'll be travelling to London for the Press Night of the 2018ā€¦

The plate-making factory

For the last few weeks I've been busy producing a lot of printing plates. Allā€¦