A mixed show, featuring folded sculptures, metallic reliefs and mounted prints.

My recent show at Sam Scorer was a very interesting experience. It was my first solo show in which I was the sole invigilator in attendance for the entire show run (two weeks). I installed the show on my own and was responsible for security, admin, meeting and greeting visitors and processing sales. Also, I was responsible for most of the promotion for the show, both online and off-line. Because of this, I learned a lot about the different aspects of creating an exhibition which I hadn’t appreciated when just delivering my work to venues.

To my great surprise, and despite relatively low daily visitor numbers, I managed to sell a large number of works, including one of the folded Flexures. I also had some very interesting conversations with people about my work. Visitors responded very positively to seeing printing plates below the framed prints, particularly as they were encouraged to pick them up, feel the textures and relate them directly to the print above.

A factor in the sales was surely the timing. The run up to Christmas meant that people bought for themselves (house moves/redecorating) and, for others, as presents. More importantly though, it was just nice to speak with people that were enthusiastic about my work, particularly as I know that abstract work is not to everyone’s taste.