Between March and April, I’ll be showing a major exhibition of prints in Brigg sims 4 for free.

‘Landscapes: Real and Imagined’ will be at The Steel Rooms in Brigg. The gallery and café is a brilliant venue for contemporary art and culture in the heart of the north Lincolnshire market town Download facebook videos for free.

The show will be an overview of my semi abstract and figurative landscape-insipred prints from 2013 until this year. Most importantly, the show will include the first prints inspired by my visit to Iceland in 2017 fortnite play without downloading. These images are a direct response to the ruggedness of the volcanic landscape. In particular, the basalt cliffs around Myrdalshreppur in the south held a special fascination for me, which I tried to reflect in deep gouged marks in prints such as ‘Pingvellir’ herunterladen.

Pathways II onleihe app. Collagraph print on paper, with chine collé.

Looking back at my photographs of the trip in preparation for this show reminded just how much I fell in love with the landscape of the country download xbox one game faster. I remember our tour guide saying that every hill and mountain in Iceland was either an active or dormant volcano (fortunately, they are largely dormant!) bluetooth driver windows 7 download for free german. Also, it is, in geological terms, a young country. As we were driven from Rejkyavik to waterfalls and geysers in the south, we could see that the landscape flashing past us by the side of the road consisted of solidified lava rock covered in grass and moss xbox one filme herunterladen.

Map 1.23 delfine for free. Collagraph print on paper.

Other prints in the show were inspired by the Lincolnshire wolds and coastline, whilst others use abstraction to interpret a scene or view commercial register. I have included Lincolnshire Coast III in this show, one of the three ‘Coast’ images I first showed in my first solo show ‘Anomalies’ at the Ropewalk in Barton upon Humber in 2016.

Rangarping Eystra I. Collagraph print on paper.

Sveitarfelagio Olfus. Collagraph print on paper.

The show is also a summary of all the different materials and techniques I have used to make my collagraph printing plates. There are prints that are made from plates created with poured varnish and carborundum, dripped PVA glue, matchsticks and a wide variety of torn fabrics.

Please look out for my show prep and exhibition tweets on social media under the hashtag #sinclairatthesteelrooms

Landscapes: Real and Imagined
The Steel Rooms
1-5 Springs Parade
North Lincolnshire DN20 8EQ

Dates: 23 March – 11 May 2019


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