Print Stories: Lincolnshire Coast 4

Following on from the first Lincolnshire Coast image, I've been thinking aboutā€¦

The Hepworth Wakefield. Exterior.

Wakefield trip

I had an interesting trip to Wakefield yesterday. The main reason for going wasā€¦

Brenda Hartill print: 'Summer Variations IV'

Influences 1: Brenda Hartill

'Influences' will be an occasional look at some of the people, places andā€¦

What's in 'The Box': box contents

What's in the box?

Like most printmakers, I don't have the room or the money to create a printā€¦

Revealing the print: 1

Print Stories: Liquid and powder 2

Yesterday, I took the prepared plates shown in the previous postĀ along toĀ Theā€¦

Partial coating of carborundum

Print Stories: Liquid and powder 1

Sometimes, I use print sessions at The RopewalkĀ to new versions of plates thatā€¦

Print Stories: Lincolnshire Coast 3

Printing the plate   In the last post, I described how the printing plateā€¦

'Lincolnshire Coast' series

Print Stories: Lincolnshire Coast 2

Creating the printing plate   In the first post, I describedĀ theā€¦

Moggs Eye beach, Lincolnshire

Print Stories: Lincolnshire Coast 1

From time to time, I'll talk about and show the development of something I'mā€¦