I’m always looking out for different materials and methods for making collagraph printing plates anderes wort für herunterladen. Included in my regular sources of inspiration are the blog postings of fellow printmaker Emily Harvey, aka The Curious Printmaker (Instagram: @thecuriousprintmaker) dropbox dateien lassen sich nicht herunterladen.

Following her instructions, I used an ordinary household iron, plus a hand-held heat gun and soldering iron to apply heat to ordinary foil-baked crisp packets how to songs for free. When exposed to this kind of heat, the foil shrinks and creases in interesting ways. These folds trap ink and the surface prints extremely well with dramatic variations in colour contrast herunterladen.

Above: inked crisp packet plates and print

The images above show some of my latest plates and corresponding prints using the process netflix downloaden macbook pro. I’ll be experimenting with ways to somehow join pieces to make larger plates and prints. These might include fusing sections using the heat gun, or using a needle and thread to stitch pieces together. This method could have added interest through allowing the threads to become an active and dynamic part of the image.

Above: more plates, prints and print details

Here’s the link to Emily’s blog page:


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