My latest group show Print!! is now open at Project Space Plus at the University of Lincoln!

Three Uni colleagues and I from the School of Design are using the print medium in different ways, and using a variety of print techniques. The project came about through the desire to show more of the work of staff members, and to make students aware that tutors do more than just teach. We hope to make Print!! an annual event, including the work of a larger number of individuals and a wider interpretation of print, perhaps including 3D, circuit boards and other non-ink printing methods and applications.


Sinclair Ashman

As you know, my work is an exploration of form and texture. This show explains how I use  everyday materials such as matchsticks and torn fabrics alongside acrylic gels to make printing plates.
For me printmaking is a two-stage creative process – I often derive as much pleasure from making a plate as printing from it.

This show is a useful opportunity for me to show non-framed work, enabling people to see the texture of my prints up close, without the distance that the use of glass inevitably places between the viewer and the print.

Jeremy Goffin

Within the board riding extreme sports of surfing, Jeremy explores the primary artefact within the Japanese printing method of Gyotaku (a method to record the fish caught). Dating back to the mid-1800s, this ‘fish printing’ method delivers a direct original impression of the surfboard.


John Stocker

The Lexicon Project print/collages consist of a series of linocuts and additions including drawing and collage material made up of found imagery originally created using offset litho, flexography, screen print or digital print.


Brian Voce

Brian’s unifying theme explores the relationship between structure and order, and chaotic systems where chance and accident determine the outcome.

7-25 March
Project Space Plus
Room AAD0E01
Architecture & Design Building – East Wing, University of Lincoln, Brayford Pool, Lincoln LN6 7TS.



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