It’s been a while, but following my ‘Anomalies’ exhibition (which ended last October), I have a new direction for my printmaking.

Essentially, it’s an exploration of shape and format, and also more freedom to make individual compositions for each print. This is important to me so that I can maintain my basic approach to printmaking; the creation of unique, non-editioned prints. Once the shapes are made and the textures applied, I can then play with combinations of some of some of the platemaking techniques I have used before; selective use of carborundum, dripped varnishes and PVA, metal paints, cotton strands fibres and many others.

Unusually for me, this series is starting life as a set of quick sketches. I like the idea of representing something – a body; something like a moon, sun or planet – in the process of being formed. I’m also imagining the use of intense warm and hot colours, symbolising the process of forging, or a state of flux.

In the next post, I’ll show how the basic plate shapes were made.

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