I’ve made a discovery!

Recently, I happened on a social media post by someone who had used a small die-cutting machine as a printing press. This led me to the supplier, handprinted.co.uk. Their website was extremely helpful, with tips on its usage for different printmaking methods – from linocut, to drypoint etching, to collagraph.

I thought I could use the machine for test prints at home, conduct workshops where no print press exists. I have an upcoming show at 20-21 in Scunthorpe, and have offered to hold ‘live print’ demos as part of exhibition run. So, I took a chance and bought one. Yesterday, I made some print tests to see what it could do.

The first plate was a poor choice, as it had too much raised texture for the transport roller to handle. I got a decent print, but quickly realised that I needed to use a flatter plate. As soon as I made the switch, the results were brilliant! In fact, some of the prints I made were as good as those I have achieved on large etching presses.

The X-Cut Xpress has a gauge dial on the top, which is used to change the roller pressure, in response to different thicknesses of printing plates.

If you’re thinking of dipping a toe into printmaking, or just want to have a play with inky stuff, I’d recommend the X-Cut XPress.

It really is a little marvel!

The X-Cut XPress



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