The second set of prints.

I thought that I had taken pictures of all of the second set, but it turns out that I hadn’t. I may take some more for a future post. Never mind, here’s what I have right now.

Like the first set, I had returned to some of the themes and materials I had used previously at a larger scale. It’s been a lot of fun reducing the scale of the marks and pasted materials on the plates, as well as seeing how colours work (or don’t) on the 6×6 format.

Six by Six by Eleven – the prints: prints on the drying rack

Prints on the drying rack in the Print Room at the University of Lincoln

Six by Six by Eleven: the prints, part 2 – a return to the theme of extreme weather – the maelstrom

Using my usual very heavy Somerset paper, I managed to get some deep impressions in the paper, which enhanced this print

Six by Six by Eleven: the prints, part 2. Print in blue tones.

A variation of the prints I showed in red tones I featured in my last post


I visited The Ropewalk a couple of days ago to discuss plans for my show in September. I also managed to print some more 6×6 prints, as well as some even smaller prints that could be soon be destined for a UK Small Print competition. I’ll post on prospects for that in a couple of weeks, as well as more 6×6 images form the second print session.

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